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If you get injured at work, rest assured that our competent team will do their best to ensure that you can get back on your two feet as quickly as possible- just book in an appointment and we will fit you in that day.
Our doctors will examine the injury and identify suitable duties on top of formulating a return to work plan. Our medical and return to work team routinely re-evaluate injuries as this assists to ensure that return to work outcome goals are met.

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Pre-employment medical assessment services are provided to ensure that work applicants are fit for their relevant job roles as well as assists in determining the status with pre-existing medical conditions. We are aware that the manager may wish to mobilise employees as soon as possible to achieve work project targets and as such, we conclude our pre-employment medical assessments on the appointment date and provide the employer with the job fitness determination within hours of the appointment.
Our Pre-employment medical assessments can be tailored to your company’s needs and as such, are able perform a wide range of tests such as urine drug and Breath Alcohol testing, Audiometry, Spirometry, ECG, Functional capacity and Aerobic fitness assessments. In order to determine any Pre-existing injuries, you can also expect us to investigate about medical history and perform medical examinations for Joint and Musculoskeletal systems, Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Neurological systems.
To find out more about other assessments we are able to do, contact us below.

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At Fit Medical Centre, we provide injury management,  diagnosis and treatment of work related diseases. Early intervention is our guiding philosophy in the management of work injuries and early diagnosis and treatment are instituted. Simple injuries without red flag features are managed conservatively. Simple analgesics, patient education on ergonomic adjustment needs, local injections and appropriate physical activities or physiotherapy intervention are provided for injuries. More serious injuries are adequately investigated and efficient, appropriate treatment is commenced to prevent delayed recovery and development of chronic pathology. Our team will do their best to ensure that you recover safely and as quickly as you can.

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Employers may occasionally wish to perform fitness for duty medical assessments before an employee resumes a work role for either a work related or non-work related medical condition. This may be necessary for safety critical work roles or after an employee has been off work for significant medical issues including surgeries or prolonged hospital admission.
We utilize our experience with the specific demands of different work roles and clinical understanding of pathologies to advise on suitability for resumption of work and the relevant modifications to duties if required.

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The National Uniform Legislation Standards require biological monitoring assessment for workers exposed to various chemical and physical agents including noise, lead, mercury and various solvents and respirable dusts.
We provide routine Health Surveillance for to meet the requirements of the National Uniform Legislation and provide consultancy advice on the Health Safety and Environment Management System of businesses.



We offer vaccinations to protect against Hepatitis A and B, tetanus, the flu and more. Organise an appointment with us to keep your workers up to date.



The impact of drug and alcohol use on the injury statistics of workplaces has been well described. Random and scheduled workplace urine and alcohol drug testing can reduce drug use among workers.
We send practice personnel with appropriate accreditation certificates to workplaces to provide drug and alcohol testing services when required by our client employer organisations.

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Fit Medical Centre can provide worksite visits by the Occupational Physician to review the demands of work on injured workers; the appropriateness of work ergonomics or the advice on health and Safety Management Systems of a business. The hierarchy of prevention is utilized to formulate appropriate work methods and prevention strategies.

Medical Record Analysis


Our specialist Occupational Physician has vast experience performing independent medical assessments around Australia, having worked with the leading medico-legal report writing organisations in the country.
We perform Independent Medical Examinations (IME) and impairment assessments for WorkCover Insurance, DVA, CommCare and self-insurers.

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